Thursday, June 12, 2014

Spaces Between

The spaces between. The lengths of the seam;
the distance dividing the lake from the sea.
Tyrannical, this ancient regime.
The void. The matrix between;
the animal and the voice that makes us believe.
Purify; perfect the time.
Never look back, the demons have hurt in their eyes.
I've never seen worse. Yet, etched in each verse,
is an emptiness, a naked soul learning of Lies.
Pray for hope? Question the logic...
the more horrific the system the better the profit.
Breaded for flavor, over-packaged, and shipped to our neighbors.
A spectacle. What deaths have you paid for?
Such Excellence. Make War? For Presidents?
Great Cure? A better Deal.
Econometrics aren't suggesting the same course.
Models next to theories next to symbolic abstraction.
Seeking answers one can never find when this happens...
Evil is bought and sold;
our dark natures paid for by white collared assassins.
People have lost control; par for the course...
The less we think, the darker the horse,
once written with Pale tones.
A past buried beneath the Grass.
Will our future see failure on the sheaths of our frail bones?

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