Thursday, June 12, 2014

ars poetica

Seeking reprieve! Too many demons in reach to believe
that nature's just a stream of mechanistic instructions.
Processing conundrums as reason competes
with death and depth of induction.
Methods conducted to enable freedom for basic meaning
to enter and center the rush of passion and faith for stressor reduction.
I guess it's enough if action pursued is fashioned for truth;
instead most seek increases in stature and lose
the affable attractable rouse society notices.
Distractions from wonder,
so much more than mere fact to discover,
as Time is corroded by the blindly devoted.

The mask of the Other;
a rivalry colliding with hopelessness.

And yet the clock ticks, the veil of the chosen
lifts, exposing lips for only that relevant moment's bliss.
They say ignorance has a will of its own;
to think a kiss could do more than kill or dethrone.
Let us simply imagine; presumptions in judgement,
extended toward a being you could fall in love with
or trust in. Think how quickly it happens;
from simple discussion to lust as it spins into madness.
Or it could slowly evolve;
years between meetings only result in mere temporal temperance.
Time cannot slow to a halt,
but can shift in course with perspective.
Circumstance is circumspect, careful to choose,
peeking through the camouflage and veil for the Muse.
Through the veil is tabula rasa arranged as open science,
and truly the only compliment paid is broken silence.

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