Thursday, June 12, 2014

Mindspace: Searching the Strange Horizons

Mindspace, conceptual constellations.
Perpetual proclamations designed then declined; waste.
Exceptionally honest, forgetful in promise;
a scattered disaster-plane where the lessons beyond this
moment in time have been chosen then broken;
shattered into fragments of opus with sharper edges.
Stepping upon the pieces evoking a darker presence.
The pain progresses, unleashed as shards of message,
as vultures with "culture" release to pick apart the sentence.
Vestibule locked and gated for the heart's protection,
the art of connecting fate to existence.
Of Stoic fame and persistence: "play your position
and keep away from the distant deceit of the future's architecture."
Gaze in pursuit of horizon's beginning.
It's more than psychopathy to honestly decide that you're winning.
Time is forgiving but space is unrelenting.
With consciousness prophesying the change confronting many.
This isn't merely addiction, clearly.
It's simply the need to live by the means of theory.
Particle/quantum experiments on perception aside,
to believe in theory is to strip Intention from God.
Collections of excellent quality,
academic product-streams in massive quantities,
taking stabs at economies, but madness is property
of the gatekeepers, those great creatures laughing and profiting.
That is complexity.
Mindspace, unified frames where truth isn't proof,
just a mere shadow of expertise.
Aristotelian natural tendencies to establish your breath and speak.
Socratic in method. Capture the breadth of the action,
then you leap, bringing with you every fact you've collected.
But knowing is not knowing according to the master's apprentice.
It's strange how those we take after the most
rarely ever practice in prose.
The broad shouldered Greek, the shepherds of revelation,
the students of The Philosopher profess to their education.
All men by their very nature require the journey,
whether it's purely desire, burning like fire or the pride of learning,
we either commit suicide, try to escape, or hire attorneys.
There's no evading the scattered nomenclature.
To apologize for bottom lines that collapse and explode the paper,
the same bogus paper on which we print that we owe our neighbors.
When the words seem as empty as ever before
I take a step back, remember the wars
battles fought, disasters lost, if they accept that
I pray I'm kept from the swords, blind to the bind.
From birth to the surface of purpose, lessons ignored!
Step from the door, the path is closed,
the darkness that seems to follow amasses slow.
The afterglow, as clear as ever, the masters know...
They hear the heavens and ask for hope.
A silent type of eye to eye alliance,
The fight or flight defiance, compliant
with the way that life is changing. The mind is
a sacred device, killed, for the sake of this life.
Quite the paradox... and I'm paying the price.

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