Thursday, June 12, 2014

If We Were All the Same

We are the colony, regard and follow please,
each yard a promised peace!
No freedom, no meaning, just restart and follow! We,
need our autonomy. But
regard this sweet labor, no remainder, we are the I am.
Our Sirens are tribesmen! We are the silence,
the piously pious, how high can we fly?
Why yes, these are wings... yes such things happen!
A bird is too slow, think how fast we can flap them!
We earn our supper, we work for Mother.
She is the Singularity, the eternal structure.
Our Blood is her Wisp, so hushed and so swift,
like atoms we captain so lovely a ship.
But nothing is missed, our task is so simple,
despite these environs our past evokes little.
Yet we remember these, predator enemies,
contenders for everything: way more than bread and cheese.

Our language is movement, marvelous rhythm,
a dance so advanced, like the stars in the distance,
a shining, not blinding, just right in intention,
no slight intermission, we'd much rather be passing
our signals: "I've found it! Come gather, come gather!"
It's simple!
Your life is a great bore! Your purpose is complexity.
Our complexity: longevity, your memories? Simplicity.
You'll never be implicitly conditioned for eliciting
your purpose without changing the efficiency!

No buzzing, no stinging, just flying and fighting,
violently frightening! Miles and miles of life to see:
yet we're like you, we like our trees,
our grasses are magic, we actually happen to like your "weeds."

Do they keep us afloat? Conscious and honest?
Free us from the need to be locked in Democracy?
But I suppose it's faith's design;
one of sin and demons, and time is only space and Mind,
and life is only sight and lonely nights, and though we
live to see nothing compared to your future,
we only know of one Goddess and wouldn't dare to abuse her,
we don't care for computers, our bodies are technology.
We've mastered evolutionary growth,

have you lived as long as we?

What do you make of this?
These people, their killings!
Over Gods and a green paper, so feeble, so lethal!
They call us machine like, because of their "Selves."
Attempts at a communism caused nothing but Hell!
Murderous priests! And holy men controlling them,
Our Queen is Our Heart and our Soul and when,
she's threatened by greater, we gather, we gather!
Nothing to stop us from preventing disaster!

...We've mastered evolutionary growth,
have you lived as long as we?

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