Thursday, June 12, 2014

Quantum Macroconnectivity

Condensed energy,
then it seems a single momentous stream
stretches means into modal tendencies.
Space spanning centuries:
Origin growth, exponential forces explode.
More than is known disclosed as we soar from the globe.
Cosmic memory is force and motion,
gravitation extrapolated from common heredity.
Genetic courses from enormous holes in proportion,
to life thriving from the shores to the oceans.
How did we progress from the source of the quantum order,
where nothingness became collections of thought recorders,
with their own subjective piece of this tropical destiny.
Philosophical, psychological, biological entities
devouring the planet like some entropically spread disease.
Mechanics is the observation of interaction
between the constant stages we're living trapped in.
To study how our honest hatred conditions madness
is to understand how our cosmic sameness delimits passion.
Just listen closer, Schrodinger found, as minutes pass,
friction happens, causing certainty to diminish fast.
Despite the fact we know so little, the problem is real:
as descriptions of the micro and macroscopic revealed
through action processed in theoretical fields,
become accurate commentary on our active ontic ordeal.

Now we seem to be so entrenched in our attributes,
we're content to be blind to the evident, savage truths
raining down upon us like Heaven's collapsed and moved
our notions of paradise to discrepancies, past confused.
Get it? We never get asked for proof,
we just refer to the annals of the last who knew,
who referred further back to the annals of aristocrats reviewed,
who earned money by selling the truth in a package to
the same people who eventually became the massive youth.
Intertwined quantum exactitude.
We live inside minds where consciousness acts as You
and think were not a single kind of object who lacks a clue.
Connections run deeper yet I'm still a skeptic.
We need food, but eat poison knowing it kills digestion.
We feed into a system knowing that it will infect us.
But it's all part of this absolute soul.
We're all descendants,
we all have to choose though.
Despite the fact that beyond our actions, truth holds
and becomes the very same as our decisions.
Thus, we're all dependent,
and we have to choose, so...
With Mind we track beyond our actions, where truth floats
beyond horizons
and becomes the very same as our conditions.

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