Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Problem of Induction

The Problem of Induction...
But what if God exists?

Holy chasm: division controlling action contributing growth.
A vibrant gaze, unfolding fast...
a lifeless haze persisting the floating Mass, insisting in Life creation.
Yet, this Provident Prince, a Colossus of wit,
knew this universe would suffer if he didn't provide constraints.
Time is trained to follow His Whim:
So He boiled the quantum liquid in the Cosmic Pot to its brim.
He concocted the Atomic Clock:
Analogous to human chronology,
He set the evolution of society to allow for swift advanced future technologies.

This Utopian vision... a true focus of wisdom.
God wasn't much to the Parliamentary Robes to consider.
Yet, they knew based on the limits of their History
that their advances were simply in principle a mystery.
They attributed them to the Schools of Genius.
But the emergence of great minds all at the same time seemed too convenient.
They struggled in the academies to come up with an explanation.
A Theory of Evolution was constructed and set in place with
the sciences and philosophies as productive contributors.
But they couldn't account for the Poet.
Always disrupting opinions with prophetic deductions and inferences.
His listeners were astounded and open
to the possibility that things weren't as sound as they'd hoped.

This Strange Society: with no record of development...
So collectively intelligent. No estrangement or rivalries;
no rearrangements, no requirements for engagement.
Just implicit acknowledgement of the Grace which the society has embraced.
But do they listen to the signs? 
Are they witness to the Darkness?
Do we not see our Economies starting to shake?
Our Systems, so used to efficiency;
Can you not feel their foundations congruently withering?

See the panoramic camera expand? Watch these bustling cities.
Once a pristine image, now potential-ruins crumbling quickly.
Coming death due to flawed perception.
Short-term creative redundancies punishing -- lost direction.
Longevity requires carefully mapping and planning approaches.
Strategies for answering broken hopes
disintegrate as every staple of a rich culture is engrossed in smoke.
They Occupy the streets. Speaking out against
how they drop their Bombs from Skies complete with a Demon's smile
painted on their beaks. We guess they mean it now.

Do not say it wasn't expected. 
In a meditative muse the Poet is entrusted with leverage
that he mustn't express unless confronted with Reason.
The mythical truth is indivisible... Proof isn't just in Belief...
this perceiving isn't simply defeatism.
Just as a piece of music needs rhythm,
so does reality require the forces of entropy.
Living in a dream isn't in concordance with death, it seems.
And yet we breathe, with eyes out for perfected peace.
And Life is just the bottle we let the Fly out for Memory.

But what if God doesn't exist?

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