Protolution: God's canvas, or a Great Mind--
Space consuming space/time.
Science has tried to measure back
to state the union of fusion of energy collecting gas,
expanding toward a death-collapse.
A singularity swallowing futures and forever-pasts,
as harrowing proof bursts through our telescopy;
more than mere history;
a mystery born from a beast in our empirical memory.
This is exponential infinity. Miracles stretched between
exploding dwarf stars and black holes and quasars.
Sublime as time is we can't fold: this fate's ours.
Evolution: proto-organism, before the wisdom
of our core religions, the planet was swarming with them,
children of the Big Bang, our genetic ancestry.
Defending against their predator-clones, selecting breeds,
to pass on genetic control, consumed in the belly of hosts,
before beasts in this weather would roam,
a bio-molecular civilization with no emperor's throne.
Then quickly a phase-shift into greater species...
Caloric demands increase as organs expand to face the meeting
of dangerous creatures set to gorge or be slain completely.
Evolution: neolithic Africa. The preconditions crafted from
the execution of Idea, a single spear, a single pass and thrust
to stab the Panther who had his cubs across the river,
and needed your babies to pack for lunch...
A savage trust born between opposing tribes,
from the belly of the beast came proto-scribes.
Evolution: social dogma-- hierarchies as Time is marching;
out of the beast comes the Beast-Collective,
minds were starving for greater understanding as we connected,
familial nepotism, a Beast's oppression, slavery of peasants.
Think of all the humans swallowed and buried,
and out of death came ethical awareness and honor and marriage.
Not in a hurry, over hundreds of centuries, we bartered and barely
made it out of extinction, then we founded Religion...
Evolution: Towering vision, a coward's tradition...
Divine Right of Kings, still devouring children,
instead of a panther however now it's a village
priest pretending to be of service to some powerful mystic.
Peace narrowed, the Belly of the East hollowed...
A church where the people preach borrowed speech,
telling us to be honest and promise to breathe
only after we confess that we've been swallowed by Beasts.
Evolution: Technologists.
Only the futurists compute the gist of this hubris.
At least to some it has become an execution of godliness.
To others its a brain-chip robotic apocalypse.
In either case, the Belly is Full.
We chose the pill and we swallowed it.
Let us pay the consequence. Let us change.
Let us Brave the ominous Wave, let us follow it.
Let us take the path of most resistance.
I see and hold perfection, in fact I chose to father him...
Notice your own growth, expect the past to show your limits.

Evolution: we're all the products of a Great Feast...
Because we're all from the same Belly of the same Beast.